Whidbey Island Wine Tasting

Last weekend my husband and I headed to Whidbey Island for a couple days. My mother-in-law and I headed out while the boys were fishing and tasted some wine. Whidbey Island is working on their wine scene, we ventured to three of the wineries.

First we headed to Whidbey Island Winery which has some estate wines and a beautiful setting but not my favorite wine. They had just released the Sangiovese and it was extremely young. At this point I would say go for the ambience, not for the wine.


Next we headed to Spoiled Dog Winery.. I really enjoyed this winery! They had fabulous reds, my favorite was the Deception Red. The winery was beautiful and they also had some estate wines. They also offered a special cheese made only for them, using their wine. Delish!



Lastly we headed to Holmes Harbor Cellars. This was a beautiful setting and really good wine. It had a nice family run feeling and the winemaker was very nice, a military man. This was my mother-in-laws favorite, she joined the wine club!


I can’t wait to try the rest of the wineries!


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